Welcome to ParadiZe Ps5


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Capture and tame zombies and use them as soldiers or workers. Experience being a zombie overlord at cheapes price with Welcome to ParadiZe Ps5


Start an adventure in “Welcome to ParadiZe Ps5”. In this game paradise meets the undead! Here, zombies aren’t just your enemies; they’re your allies. So, capture and train your zombie companions. Also, use them to farm, fight, and fortify your camp, and search for a new haven in a world full of undead.

Welcome to ParadiZe Ps5: Unique Fun & Zombie Companions At The Cheapest Price

Our long-time enemies, zombies, become our allies in Welcome to ParadiZe Ps5. Explore the different biomes of the paradise. In addition, fight alone or with your zombie companion. However,  zombies are not very intelligent. Therefore, they can be unstable.

Affordable Welcome to ParadiZe Ps5

Zombie Companions at Your Service: Free Labour At The Best Price

In “Welcome to ParadiZe Ps5,” zombies transform from threats to friends:

  • Capture zombies and use technology to turn them into helpers.
  • Assign zombies to protect your camp, farm, or explore with you, making every interaction exciting and strategic.

Best offer for Welcome to ParadiZe Ps5

Explore and Customize Your Safe Haven

Adventure through the lively and dangerous world of Welcome to ParadiZe Ps5:

  • Discover different environments, from snowy lands to dry deserts.
  • Comfort and security come first when you build and upgrade your camp. Use traps and defenses against zombies. Enjoy flexible gameplay, in Welcome to ParadiZe Ps5.

Welcome to ParadiZe Ps5 at the best price

Connect and Survive with Friends

“Welcome to ParadiZe Ps5” is better with friends:

  • Team up with up to three friends to explore, build, and survive together.
  • Discover new areas and craft a shared stronghold. Engaging with friends not only increases the fun but also improves your survival chances in this world.

Don’t miss out on this unique, affordable Ps5 gaming experience. Furthermore, Pc Games ranked it as a very good game. So, command a zombie workforce and craft a new life in the apocalypse. “Welcome to ParadiZe Ps5” offers the best price for a game that turns your zombie nightmare into a dream come true!


Audio: English

Screen Languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish


This Game is Not a CD or Disc. We deliver the original game to you via E-mail with a PS4-PS5 account that you can download and play for a lifetime. FAQ.