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Immortals Fenyx Rising PS4 & PS5 rejuvenates stupendous legendary experience. Play as Fenyx, another winged diving being on a mission to save the Greek divine beings and their home from a dim revile. Take on fanciful monsters, ace the incredible forces of the divine beings and thrashing Typhon, the deadliest Titan in Greek folklore, in an epic battle for the ages.

The destiny of the world is in question – you are the divine beings’ last expectation.

Immortals Fenyx Rising PS4 & PS5 is a new and clever interpretation of the open world activity experience type, including dynamic activity, battle and stories propelled by Greek folklore. Meander uninhibitedly across a perfectly adapted world and utilize remarkable capacities skilled by the divine beings against fearsome fanciful beasts. Slippery preliminaries, gallant accomplishments and the very hidden world itself anticipate your fortitude. Experience a story for the ages, of divine beings and beasts, and become the legend you were bound to be.

Immortals Fenyx Rising PS4 & PS5 Features


The lords of Olympus have favored you with endowments: the wings of Daidalos, the blade of Achilles, the bow of Odysseus, and the sky is the limit from there, just as amazing forces that will help change the tides of fight. Use them to battle legendary beasts, settle old riddles and investigate the immense open world.


Go head to head against incredible monsters like Cyclops, Medusa, or Minotaur, and face defiled legends, for example, Achilles. Take them on in quick moving flying and skirmish battle, joining your inherent capacities and weapons.


Find a wonderfully delivered and energetic dreamland. Cross, climb or investigate via air across seven exceptional areas, each enlivened by the divine beings.


Utilize your mind and uncommon capacities to address testing riddles and brain twisting vaults or participate in high-technique manager fights to build your capacity and update your aptitudes.


Tweak your character’s appearance and find new covering and stuff motivated by Greek folklore. Assemble materials across the world to make amazing things and update your stuff in your journey to satisfy your predetermination.

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Audio: English, French, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish

Screen Languages: English, French, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish

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