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In the secluded community of Bright Falls, a series of ritualistic murders sends shockwaves through the peaceful Pacific Northwest wilderness. Saga Anderson, the renowned FBI agent known for solving the unsolvable, arrives to probe these gruesome crimes. But her investigation takes a horrifying turn when she stumbles upon pages of a chilling tale that starts materializing around her.

Alan Wake 2 Ps5, a tormented author ensnared in a nightmarish dimension, weaves a sinister narrative to reshape his reality and escape his nightmarish confinement. Pursued by relentless horror, Wake struggles to maintain his sanity and outsmart the malevolent forces at play.

Anderson and Wake, two heroes on parallel odysseys within distinct realms, find their destinies intertwined in ways beyond comprehension—mirroring each other, reverberating through existence, and molding the very worlds they inhabit.

Driven by the malevolent narrative, an otherworldly darkness encroaches upon Bright Falls, tainting its inhabitants and endangering the loved ones of both Anderson and Wake. Light becomes their solitary weapon and sanctuary against the encroaching shadows. Trapped within a sinister narrative that knows only victims and monsters, can they rise to become the heroes they must be?

Alan Wake 2 Ps5 Features

Uncover a Lethal Enigma

What commences as a routine small-town murder inquiry rapidly transforms into a harrowing descent into darkness. Traverse the enigmatic source of supernatural malevolence in this psychological horror narrative, laden with unrelenting suspense and unforeseen twists.

Dual Protagonists, Dual Perspectives

Live through the intertwining tales of Alan Wake and Saga Anderson, each offering a unique viewpoint on unfolding events. Transition between Anderson’s high-stakes race to solve the case and Wake’s desperate endeavors to reshape his reality and escape the clutches of the foreboding Dark Place.

Journey Through Dual Realities

Roam two starkly contrasting yet equally treacherous worlds, each populated by a diverse cast of characters and menacing perils. Explore the magnificent landscapes of Cauldron Lake in the Pacific Northwest, the serene towns of Bright Falls and Watery, and the nightmarish cityscape of the Dark Place.

Survive with Illumination

Armed with limited resources, confront formidable supernatural adversaries in heart-pounding close-quarters combat. Surviving these ordeals demands more than just firepower; light becomes your ultimate weapon in the battle against encroaching darkness and your sanctuary when faced with overwhelming threats.

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Audio : English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish

Screen Languages : Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), Ukrainian

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