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EA SPORTS FC 24 PS4 Featıres

  • A Cover Star Loan Player Item (10 matches)
  • Your choice of 2 Ambassador Loan Player Pick Items (select 1 male & 1 female player for 5 matches each)
  • Access to an Unlocked PlayStyles Slot in Clubs
  • Additional Player Personality Points to enhance your Player Career
  • The opportunity to hire a 5-Star Coach in your Manager Career

EA SPORTS FC 24 PS4 Games brings a new era to The World’s Game, offering a truly immersive football experience with over 19,000 fully licensed players, 700+ teams, and 30+ leagues all playing together. Experience football like never before with these cutting-edge technologies.


Witness true-to-life gameplay with data from 180+ professional men’s and women’s matches, ensuring in-game movements mirror real-world on-pitch action.

PlayStyles Optimized by Opta

Athletes come to life with unique signature abilities derived from data sources like Opta, enhancing realism and individuality.

Revolutionized Frostbite Engine

Immerse yourself in lifelike detail, elevating your gaming experience to new heights.

EA SPORTS FC 24 PS4 also introduces exciting features, including the ability to create club legends and enhance your players through the all-new Ultimate Team Evolutions. Plus, for the first time, women’s footballers join their male counterparts on the pitch, allowing you to build your dream XI.

Craft your own narrative in Manager and Player Career modes, and enjoy cross-play capabilities in Vlubs and Volta Football, enabling you to team up with friends for unforgettable matches.

EA SPORTS FC 24 PS 4 is the next chapter in the evolution of football gaming, promising a more innovative future for fans.

Please note that EA SPORTS FC 24 PS4 offers optional in-game purchases of virtual currency, which can be used to acquire various virtual in-game items, including a random selection of virtual in-game items.

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What’s More In FC 24?

With EA SPORTS FC 24 Ps4 (also known as FIFA 24), a new era has begun for The World’s Game, with more than 19,000 fully licensed players, 700 teams, and 30 leagues all competing in the most realistic football simulation ever made.

Be more immersed in the action thanks to three state-of-the-art technologies: HyperMotionV, PlayStyles optimized by Opta, and a reimagined Frostbite Engine.
Using volumetric data from 180+ professional men’s and women’s matches, HyperMotionV captures the game as it is actually played, ensuring that in-game movement faithfully replicates actual activity on the pitch.

Athletes are given more depth in PlayStyles thanks to the interpretation of data from Opta and other sources into hallmark talents that enrich the realism and uniqueness of each player.
The World’s Game is brought to you with stunning realism by the innovative Frostbite Engine.

Create club legends and elite players with the new Ultimate Team Evolutions, and let women play alongside males on the pitch in your custom-made dream team.
Manager and Player Career allow you to craft your own narrative, and cross-play between Clubs and VOLTA FOOTBALL allows you to play with your pals on the field.

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Languages :

Audio : English, French (France), Spanish

Screen Languages : English, French , Spanish

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