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Mixed Martial Arts, MMA, is probably the most dangerous yet effective martial arts technique at the moment. As you can understand from the name it is a combination of two or more different martial arts. Every fighter has different combinations, strengths and weaknesses, which make every MMA match full of surprises and fun. UFC is the most popular MMA event with its roster of top-level fighters from all weight classes like legendary Connor McGregor, Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagedov, or recent names like Sean Strickland and Islam Makhachev. UFC 5 Ps5 puts you in an octagon, where rules of fight quite flexible, and lets you control any fighter from the vast roster.

UFC 5  Ps5: Ultimate MMA Experience at a Reasonable Price

Powered by Frostbite Engine, UFC 5 Ps5 sets the bar for fighting games quite high. It has impressive visuals, animation, environment interaction and much more! The new damage system adds a more tactical layer to the UFC 5 Ps5. Moreover, new submission system makes the ground fights even more realistic. UFC 5 Ps5 has features like

  • Realistic damage system
  • A whole roster of UFC fighters
  • Great visual style

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UFC5 Ps5

Broken & Beat But Still Can Fight: UFC 5 Ps5

UFC 5 Ps5 has the most realistic damage system ever created. All the strikes, presented with beautiful graphics and animations, make the impact they would have in real life! When a fighter gets lots of damage, their mobility, defence, stamina and all other stats suffer. Moreover, if they meet getting hit, a doctor may intervene. Although this sounds quite brutal this is the very nature of the sport!

Thanks to the Frostbite engine, all attacks, including elbows, spinning attacks, kicks, and knees, look visually impressive. New hit reaction animations and physics-based ragdolls increase the realism level even further! The new submission system also makes grapplers happy because there are no more minigames to submit your opponents. Therefore, submissions are smoother and more realistic than before.

UFC5 Ps5

UFC 5 Ps5’s Game Modes & Online

Fight Week challenges let players interact with real-world UFC events and create more total UFC fun. Also, there is an Online Career Mode where your own fighter, who was created by you, fights against other players’ designs in online matches. You can create fighters in different weights for different divisions and customize them with new items and other options.

UFC 5 Ps5 lets you choose different game modes according to your preference. Simulation mode is more realistic with real-world rules, while Knockout mode allows unlimited stamina with limited health, which makes knocking out opponents easier. Stand & Bag mode, on the other hand, emphasizes striking battles. No matter which mode you choose, UFC 5 Ps5 offers enough fun for you.

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Audio: English, French, German

Screen Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish

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