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Masterpiece from R* Games, Grand Theft Auto V Ps4 comes to your consoles. Witness the story of a young and inexperienced criminal, once a professional burglar and now a family guy and a sadistic murderer as they are involved in a story full of corrupt police officers, other crime lords and gone bad politicians.

The Most Impressive GTA on Budget – Grand Theft Auto V Ps4

GTA is a big name, probably the biggest in the industry. When you are about to play any GTA game you know it is going to be great. Grand Theft Auto V Ps4 is no different than that. In Grand Theft Auto V Ps4 you will:

  • Explore a huge open world
  • Do many main and side quests
  • Plan and operate heists

Three Wrongs Make A Right – GTA 5 Ps4

Three criminals with different characteristics and ambitions are in our control in Grand Theft Auto V Ps4. All of them have different skills and abilities that help you in distinct scenarios. As our three characters go deeper in their journey, they will realize that their enemies are not only other criminals but also corrupt cops and government officials and mercenary corporations. Also, the game has tons of random encounters that will keep you entertained for a long time.

Plan heists, fulfil the requirements for them and create your team of robbers in Grand Theft Auto V Ps4 and experience the most intense moments in the history of GTA!

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Unlimited Fun in Online Modes at a Cheap Price

Though online mode existed officially in GTA 4 and unofficially in GTA: SA, Grand Theft Auto V Ps4 has the most detailed online mode in the GTA franchise yet. There are role-playing servers, custom racing scenarios, heists, and missions that guarantee that you will get everything you pay for!

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Audio: English

Screen Languages: German, Russian, Portuguese, English, Italian, French, Polish, Spanish


This Game is Not a CD or Disc. We deliver the original game to you via E-mail with a PS4-PS5 account that you can download and play for a lifetime. FAQ.