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Introducing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Ps5, where two iconic Spider-Men, Peter Parker and Miles Morales, are put to the ultimate test both in and out of their masks. Together, they must defend the city, their loved ones, and each other from the menacing Venom and a dangerous new symbiote threat.

Embark on a thrilling journey through the vast expanse of Marvel’s New York, enhanced with faster web-swinging and the brand-new Web Wings. Seamlessly switch between Peter and Miles, immersing yourself in their unique narratives, epic abilities, and cutting-edge gear.

Unleash the power of Peter’s symbiote abilities and Miles’ explosive bio-electric powers in intense battles against a formidable roster of both new and iconic Marvel Super Villains. This includes a fresh take on a symbiote-infused Venom, the relentless Kraven the Hunter, the volatile Lizard, and more from the Marvel Rogues’ Gallery.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Ps5 Features

Feel the extraordinary might of Spider-Man in the palm of your hands

Immerse yourself in the action with haptic feedback, experiencing the full range of Peter and Miles’ new abilities through responsive vibrations.

Master acrobatic maneuvers, execute thrilling combos, and savor the exhilaration of web-swinging traversal with adaptive triggers.

Live the life of a true superhero

With Tempest 3D AudioTech, pinpoint the sounds of web-swinging, bio-electric powers, the hustle and bustle of the city, the reactions of New Yorkers, and the menacing assaults of your adversaries.

Marvel at stunning visuals as you explore vibrantly designed new environments, from the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens to iconic locations like Coney Island.

Dive into an Evolutionary Spider-Man Tale

Brace yourself as the irresistible power of the symbiote compels Peter and Miles to endure the ultimate trial of strength. Their journey unfolds not only beneath the iconic masks but also in the realm of their personal lives, friendships, and their unwavering commitment to protect the vulnerable.

Dual Heroes, Dual Gameplay

Immerse yourself in the roles of two remarkable Spider-Men with the ability to swiftly switch between them while navigating an expanded Marvel’s New York. Harness Peter’s cutting-edge Symbiote Abilities and Miles’ explosive bio-electric venom powers. Discover a treasure trove of upgradeable, high-tech equipment that amplifies combat depth and diversifies your gameplay experience.

Confront Legendary Marvel Nemeses

Engage in heart-pounding battles against a formidable array of both fresh and classic adversaries. Prepare to confront a wholly original version of the formidable Venom, the relentless Kraven the Hunter, the unpredictable Lizard, and a host of other iconic villains.

Explore a Vast Marvel’s New York

Embark on an adventure in an even larger Marvel’s New York, featuring the additions of two vibrant boroughs – Brooklyn and Queens, all while revisiting beloved landmarks like Coney Island. SpiderMan – Miles Morales For Ps4 opens up new horizons in the ever-expanding Marvel universe.

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Audio : English, French, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Mexico)

Screen Languages : English, French, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Mexico)


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