Frequently Asked Questions


CD Version

If you buy the CD version, it will be sent to the address you specified within 1-2 weeks.

Digital Ps Account Version

You receive the Game as a Ps4-Ps5 Account via E-mail, which you can download the game from playstore. After  return to your own Ps profile you can play the game FOREVER with your own account or with other users in your Ps console. To play the game smoothly you should keep the purchased account as primary.

  • You have 5 years warranty for all games.
  • There is no difference between CD and our digital games.
  • All games are ORIGINAL.
  • All games are GLOBAL. You can play in all countries.
  • You can play online or offline and you can get all trophies etc. with your own Ps Profile.

You will get your Ps4-Ps5 account via email within 30-60 minutes in our working time between 08:00 AM to 8:00 PM everyday.

You can play in all regions with your Ps4-Ps5 console.
  1. Once you are in your home screen go to the right top and click on an account that’s already logged in.
  2. Then go down and select ‘’Switch User’’.
  3. Click on ‘’Add User’’.
  4. Go to the left side and click on ‘’Get Started’’.
  5. Check the ‘’Agree’’ and Confirm.
  6. Enter the Account information which you have purchased from Gamescard.Net.
  7. Check the ‘’Agree’’ and Confirm again.
  8. Choose the ‘’Solo and focused’’ on privacy page. Click ‘’Apply’’, ‘’Confirm’’ and ‘’Continue’’.
  9. Uncheck all Personalized things. Click ‘’Continue’’ and ‘’Ok’’
  10. Click ‘’Do this later’’ on 2 steps verification page. And skip to add the phone number.
  11. G oto the ‘’Game Library’’ and start to install the game. After you start to download you can switch to your own profile.
All Ps4-Ps5 games are guaranteed for 5 years.
  • Do not log back in to the account you purchased.
  • Never change the account's email address, password or 2-step verification code and do not add a phone number.
  • Never change the account's email or password.
  • Never share your account details with anothers.
  • Never try to install the game to ANOTHER Ps Console.
  • Never deactivate the account from your primary ps.
  • Never delete the account or game from your Ps.
  • You must play the game from your personal Ps account.
  • You can only Install the game ONE PS console ONE time.
  • If your Ps change, If your Ps4-Ps5 corrupted or broken, it is not our responsibility to do so.
  • You need to activate the account and start to download the game within 24 hours.
  • You can only activate the account on the console which version you have bought for. (Ps4 or Ps5)
If you violate one of these rules, your warranty entitlement is terminated. And your game will be locked or deleted and you can't play again.

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