The Elder Scrolls Online Collection: Gold Road Ps5


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The Elder Scrolls franchise has been top RPG on the market with the freedom and sense of exploration it provides. Particularly, Morrowind, Oblivion and finally Skyrim have been cornerstones of the role-playing gaming community. On top of all, Elder Scrolls Online, with all areas of Tamriel, is the greatest way to delve into this franchise.

An Affordable MMORPG Set In Tamriel: ESO Collection – Gold Road Ps5

It happens all the time. Once we love a universe we immediately start imagining how it would be if it were an MMORPG with real players rather than NPCs. ESO Collection: Gold Road Ps5 is our answer to such a question in the continent of Tamriel, where gods are in a fight and political balance is quite unstable with civil wars and regional conflicts. ESO Collection: Gold Road Ps5 offers you:

  • All important chapters of ESO
  • Huge open world to explore
  • A chance to forge your own legend

ESO Collection Gold Road Ps5

Become a Legend in The Elder Scrolls Online Collection: Gold Road Ps5

The Elder Scrolls games, just like many other Bethesda products, are famous for their freedom and stories where you encounter hundreds of people and decide how every story goes on. In the ESO Collection, you are to meet hundreds of interesting figures from Deadric princes to pretenders and much more, and your interaction with them will create memorable stories.

The Cheapest Way to Get Into Elder Scrolls Online Ps5

With ESO Collection: Gold Road Ps5, you can play previous chapters of ESO. Also, you can play the Gold Road chapter. In this chapter, a Deadric Prince brings destruction to the western Tamriel. So, you must fight this new threat in the city of Skingrad.

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Audio: English, French, German, Japanese

Screen Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish


This Game is Not a CD or Disc. We deliver the original game to you via E-mail with a PS4-PS5 account that you can download and play for a lifetime. FAQ.