Still Wakes the Deep Ps5


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Save yourself and your crew in Still Wakes The Deep Ps5. Overcome an otherworldly threat from the sea and face your fears in order to survive.


If you are a long-time gamer, you have probably heard famous games like Amnesia, Dear Esther, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture… What is common between these three games? Your main interaction with the game is just walking and you experience the narrative as you explore more! Still Wakes the Deep Ps5, from the same developer as the previous games, offers you the same with an interesting plot.

Low-Cost Psychological Horror at Its Best: Still Wakes the Deep Ps5

1975, Scotland. You are a chief worker in an oil rig Beira D. An accident happens in the rig and the rig collapses. As you try to save your crew you realize that this event is more than just an accident and an otherworldly danger is threatening the world! During a heavy storm and with all communication methods are lost, you are isolated in the middle of the Nordic Seas. Can you survive this nightmare?

Still Wakes the Deep Ps5 provides players with:

  • Cinematics with real actors in the cast
  • Non-combat gameplay
  • Psychological horror elements

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Still Wakes The Deep Ps5

Play a Horror Film Cheaply

Games are games and films are films, yeah. However, most of the time, we wish we could play a game with cinematic visuals and narrative, which becomes real in Still Wakes the Deep Ps5. Tens of Scottish actors and actresses are cast in the game. With “A Tier” world design, script writing, audio and acting background of the developer, Chinese Room, Still Wakes the Deep Ps5 promises hours of horror and entertainment to the players at a reasonable price.

Your Only Weapon Is Yourself in Still Wakes the Deep Ps5

Sea. No matter how beautiful it is the sea has countless dangers as well. In Still Wakes the Deep Ps5 you are going to face one of those dangers. Even worse, you have no weapons or any special powers. The only thing between you and survival is your intelligence and your determination. Whatever this thing is you are fighting against, it changes your perception of reality. You must face the unknown and overcome your fears.

Search for your crew members and walk, run, jump and swim on the sinking platform.


Still Wakes the Deep Ps5 has achieved very positive early previews from respected gaming journals like PcgamerBuy Still Wakes the Deep Ps5 at the best price online and delve into a horrifying experience.


Audio: English

Screen Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Scots Gaelic, Spanish

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