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Bicycles are probably one of the best inventions humans have ever created. They are economical, carbon-free, good for your health and easy to use even during traffic jams. Though many of us use these vehicles for commuting or simply for fun, some other people have taken it very seriously. In Tour de France 2024 Ps5, you will play as one of those people: professional cyclists.

Tour de France 2024 Ps5 Is the Easiest & Cheapest Way to Become a Pro-Cyclist

From straight roads to inclining ones, Tour de France 2024 Ps5 lets you race in all iconic tracks around the world in order to become a champion. Tour de France 2024 Ps5 comes with many interesting features for cycling enthusiasts like:

  • Over 10 pro teams
  • More than 300 cyclists
  • Tour De France track

Affordable and Competetive Multiplayer in Tour de France 2024 Ps5

Cycling with others is better than cycling alone, isn’t it. So, playing Tour de France 24 is better with a friend. Multiplayer “Criterium” mode allows you to challenge other players worldwide. You are allowed to choose 2 riders to create a team and customize your colours. You can unlock new content every week, such as new shorts, cyclists, etc. You can develop a strategy suiting the track and race in climbing routes on your MTB or straight routes on your road bike. In order to be fair, all cyclist stats are randomized so that everybody will rely on their skill only. The more you play the more chance you have to unlock better and legendary cyclists. Who doesn’t want to be an elite racer?

Tour De France 24 Ps5 cheap

Pro Team with Tons of Teams and Riders

In addition to many teams in Tour de France 2024 Ps5, there are also 12 Pro Tour teams. Choosing one will be more difficult than winning the race.

Moreover, in Pro Team and Pro Leader modes, you can create a new team or control an existing one. If you choose to create a team from scratch, you can decide on everything about the team.

Tour de France 24 Ps5

More Features on Budget

My Tour mode allows you to create your own set of rules and races as you wish. That’s not all. Leaders can now face the wind, allowing the followers to deal with less wind friction. Also, you can feel the vibration on your DualSense when you are riding on dirt roads. Finally, AI is now better, but it is causing more challenges.

Are you also hyped for this cycling challenge? If so, buy Tour de France 2024 Ps5 at the cheapest price online and feel the wind on your face while you pedal on the most beautiful tracks in the world.


Audio: English, French

Screen Languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Danish

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