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Buy F1 24 Ps5 on GamesCard.Net and experience the speed and adrenaline as you have never felt before. Defeat your rivals and become the greatest pilot.


Fast cars are circuiting around the track again and again. That is the definition of ultimate fun for many people around the world. The only FIA-licensed game, F1 24 Ps5, brings this fun to your consoles at the lowest price. Get behind the wheel, or your DualSense in this case, and feel the adrenaline rush every F1 pilot feels during races. Test your tolerance to extreme speed and test your reflexes.

Every Lap Counts, Every Second Matters in F1 24 Ps5

Become one of the 20 pilots racing for the same goal: becoming the best ever. With the new “Dynamic Handling System,” you can drive like the greatest of all time and adapt your car flawlessly. In addition, play new modes, prove yourself as a great pilot and make your favourite team champion.

F1 24 Ps5 brings:

  • 20 pilots
  • All the tracks around the world from the F1 calendar
  • All the teams that the best car producers back.

F1 24 Ps5 at the lowest cost

Unleash The Champion In Yourself at a Low Cost: F1 24 Ps5

In F1 24 Ps5, experience the Driver Career mode and overcome all the difficulties on your way! This mode also supports 2 players, which puts you and your best friend on the same team, making you a duo. If you want to try something more competitive, then you can try Challange Career mode. In this mode, you compete against all the players around the world in different challenges and episodes in order to secure the best score. In addition, the players can vote on coming events and content and they can shape the future of rivalry.

F1 24 Ps5 cheap

Best Driving System at the Best Price: Dynamic Handling in F1 24 Ps5

Dynamic Handling system aims you to control the wheel better than before. But, what is Dynamic Handling in F1 24 Ps5?

  1. Adaptive Physics: Track conditions, weather, tire wear, and fuel load. All of these will determine how your car reacts.
  2. Tire Management: Tires are probably the most important element of an F1 car. In F1 24 Ps5, tires are worn during the races and creates a changing experience throughout the race.
  3. Weather Adaptation: Just like real world, in F1 24 Ps5 weather conditions can change suddenly. Therefore, you must take proper measurements. Or just check the weather forecast.
  4. Aerodynamics: Aerodynamics are the main reason why F1 cars have kinda funny appearance. They are meant to be fast. But as you damage your car, you change this. You can make some tweaks during the pit-stop to compansate this damages.
  5. Feedback Systems: DualSense’s haptic feedback creates the most realistic wheel feeling.
  6. Race Strategy Impact: Decisions made in race strategy, like fuel load and pit stop timing, would directly influence handling characteristics, requiring players to adapt their driving style accordingly.

F1 24 Ps5 affordable

Must-Play for F1 Fans

There is no need for fancy words. We know you love F1 and you will buy the game anyway. Why would you spend a fortune on F1 24 Ps5 when you can buy it at the best price on GamesCard.Net?


Audio: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish

Screen Languages: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish

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