Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires PS4 & PS5


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Consolidating the 1 versus 1,000 activity of Dynasty Warriors with the expansion of tactical element, Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires sets players on a journey to conquer antiquated China by combining the utilization of strategy and sword.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires PS4 & PS5 Features

Storming the Castle

Regions around palaces presently transformed into front lines, skirmishes advance into “Storming the Castle” experiences, with players doing combating to take control of the palace.

Siege Battles with Troops

Players can use troops in order to invade the foe’s base, taking advantage of siege weapons while guiding them during fight.

Decisive Battle

When players get through an enemy’s gate, they will enter and can guarantee triumph after defeating the commander.

Secret Plans

Chosen in the fight arrangement stage will presently be initiated as missions during fights, with every “Secret Plan” having its own circumstances for progress and disappointment.

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Audio: Japanese

Screen Languages: English, French (France), German, Italian, Spanish

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