Wanted: Dead PS5


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The developers of Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive, Team NINJA, have created a new game that is a cross between a third-person shooter and a slasher called Wanted: Dead. The Zombie Unit is an elite Hong Kong police unit that is on a mission to discover a massive corporate conspiracy, and the game chronicles a week in their lives as they go about their investigation. In this incredible cyberpunk adventure, you take on the role of Hannah Stone, a kickass police woman, and fight your way past mercenaries, gang members, and private security teams. Be resolute in your pursuit of knowledge and you will uncover the mysteries of the world.

Wanted: Dead PS5 Features

Lt. Hannah Stone, a no-nonsense and hard-boiled Hong Kong police officer who possesses exceptional sword techniques and catlike reflexes is a member of the squad.
– Sgt. Arnold Herzog, a foul-mouthed marksman who had a never-ending supply of crude jokes.
– Sgt. Manolo Cortez, a behemoth of a man who never speaks a word yet looks out for everyone else.
– Doc, a field surgeon who has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to comedy and common sense.
– Gunsmith, an Olympic champion who is now retired, a singer who is now retired, and a celebrity chef who is now retired who is presently designing weaponry for the Hong Kong police force.
– Captain Albert Simmons, the man responsible for establishing the Manu Military program, which was designed to place convicted war criminals in positions of authority within the Hong Kong police department.

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English, French (France), German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish


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