The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Ps4-Ps5


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1974 was the year when the cult horror film, Texas Chainsaw Massacre hit the cinemas and introduced us to one of the most notorious slaughter families. In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Ps4-Ps5, you play as a group of young people who are looking for a missing girl, Maria. They end up in a dangerous farm of Leatherface and his family. Now they must act together and find a way to survive.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Ps4-Ps5: Asymmetrical PvP Horror Game At a Low Cost

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Ps4-Ps5 recreates the horrifying ambience of the films and puts players on two different teams: survivors or killers. Despite its incredibly low price, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Ps4-Ps5 offers many features like

  • Environments from the films
  • Unique PvP experience with different goals for each player
  • Freedom to use different approaches to the situations

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Terrifying Slaughter Family

In 3v4 PvP mode, if you take the side of the Slaughter Family you can play as Leatherface, Cook and Hitchhiker as well as new characters, Johnny and Sissy. The film’s writer, Kim Henkel worked on the design of these new characters. Therefore, each character has unique skills for hunting survivors!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Ps4-Ps5

Survive the Horror Farm

When you are playing as the victims, you must do your best to avoid a gruesome death. Don’t forget that the Slaughter Family kill for fun, and they do it in the most brutal and gory way you can imagine! Your chances of survival lie in your tactical skills and stealth abilities. Also, you must find tools that can be useful and explore the area to find a path to lead you to your escape.

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Audio: English

Screen Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish.

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