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Dive deep into the eerie world of Newt, TX, in this gripping third-person asymmetrical horror game, inspired by the chilling 1974 cult classic.

Set in 1973 Texas, follow Ana and her group of friends as they search for her missing sister, Maria, only to stumble upon the haunting realm of Leatherface and his savage kin. As they become prey in the Slaughter family’s house of horrors, they must rally together, harnessing strength and strategy, to break free. With a unique 3v4 multiplayer gameplay, this iteration of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre offers a riveting challenge for players, forcing them to question: who will emerge alive?

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Ps4-Ps5 Key Features

  • Cinematic Environments: Traverse locations inspired by the haunting scenes from the 1974 movie. Engage in a lethal chase of predator and prey in this unforgettable setting.
  • Pioneering 3v4 Multiplayer: Experience asymmetrical horror in a fresh way, with teams of Victims and Family members battling in a suspense-filled showdown.
  • Fight or Flight: As a Victim, employ stealth, cunning, and collaboration to evade the relentless Slaughter family, while searching for essential tools to unlock escape routes.
  • Embody the Terror: Play as the Slaughter family, including the infamous Leatherface, Cook, and Hitchhiker, bolstered by new characters—Sissy and Johnny. Designed in collaboration with Kim Henkel, the original film’s writer, each member has unique abilities tailored for hunting Victims. And don’t forget to keep Grandpa satiated.

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Audio: English

Screen Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish.

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