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Investigate strange new terrains as you set foot on a remote island leaking with enchantment, and loaded up with wealth, lost privileged insights, and phenomenal animals.

Fashion this new world’s fate, as you get to know or double-cross friends and whole groups. With strategy, misleading and power, become some portion of a living, developing world – impact its course and shape your story.


Participate in a center pretending knowledge – accomplish journeys and complete destinations in a large number of various ways – through battle, tact, trickiness, or stealth.

Complete opportunity in character movement – play as a male or female, modify your appearance, and uninhibitedly pick your capacities, spells and abilities.

Dive into a strange universe of enchantment – start an amazing voyage and reveal antiquated privileged insights secured by extraordinary creatures, signs of the island’s natural enchantment.


Portuguese (Brazil)
Simplified Chinese

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10.9 GB

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