NBA 2K24 Kobe Bryant Edition PS5


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Experience the legacy of Kobe Bryant in NBA 2K24 for PS5. Get your copy at an unbeatable price and delve deep into the authentic world of basketball, with enhanced gameplay and immersive features.


Dive into the world of basketball, from its storied past to its dynamic present, and even a hint of the future with NBA 2K24 Ps5. Revel in unparalleled authenticity as you design your MyPLAYER with endless customization possibilities in MyCAREER. Assemble the crème de la crème of basketball icons in MyTEAM, crafting the perfect roster from legends of yesteryears and today’s top-tier players.

NBA 2K24 Kobe Bryant Edition PS5 Features

Journey Through Kobe’s Legacy

Step into the shoes of Kobe Bryant and relive the iconic moments that defined his rise to basketball royalty. From his early days of showcasing raw talent to his evolution into an unparalleled basketball genius, experience Kobe’s transformation into an all-time great.

Play Ball in Paradise

Carve out your legacy in a picturesque Neighborhood, nestled amidst scenic vistas and fierce competition. With an enhanced player builder, design a MyPLAYER tailored to your playing style. Navigate the coastal terrains, embark on intriguing quests, and engage in intense duels against rivals against a serene MyCAREER setting.

Command Your MyTEAM

Return to the beloved card-collection mode, offering endless hours of tailored gameplay. Harness the prowess of current superstars and legendary athletes to dominate both solo and multiplayer matchups. With a slew of enhancements, including a revolutionary salary cap mode, MyTEAM offers a balance of innovation and its distinct competitive essence.

Master the Court

Experience the pinnacle of basketball gameplay, focusing on fluidity and precision. Flaunt your skills with improved defensive tactics and intricate dribble combinations, ensuring every move you make feels rewarding and impactful.

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Audio: English

Screen Languages: Chinese , English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish.

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