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Just surviving is only the first step.

Raccoon City has recovered from the biological catastrophe that occurred there six years ago.
One of the people who managed to escape the attack, Special Agent Leon S. Kennedy, has been tasked with finding and rescuing the president’s stolen daughter.
He follows her trail to a remote town in Europe, where the inhabitants are acting quite strangely and there is a terrible problem.
This drama of heroic rescue and agonizing horror, which explores the intersection of life and death, as well as dread and catharsis, is about to have its curtain raised.

Resident Evil 4 symbolizes the revival of an industry powerhouse with its updated gameplay, rethought plot, and graphic design that is more vividly depicted than ever before.

Reexperience the terrifying ordeal that paved the way for modern survival horror.

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Audio: English

Subtitles: English



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