Railway Empire 2 Ps4-Ps5


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Early 1800s. Capitalism is in its early stages and entrepreneurs are dreaming of great wealth. Own a small railway company and make it the best of the trade by means of your decision-making skills and economic intelligence. Dominate the railway business in the continent and defeat all your rivals in the market in Railway Empire 2 Ps4-Ps5 at the most reasonable price.

Railway Tracks Leading To Massive Wealth: Railway Empire 2 Ps4-Ps5 on Budget

The early 1800s were the time when the world started to become smaller thanks to the newly developed technologies and trains were mainly responsible for this development. You play as a smart entrepreneur who saw the future in this trade in Railway Empire 2 Ps4-Ps5. You must lead your small railway company to success by connecting cities and companies all over the continent. Railway Empire 2 Ps4-Ps5 provides players with:

  • Continually expanding railroad network.
  • Over 50 well-known locomotives.
  • The unique feeling of the era of the Industrial Revolution.

Railway Empire 2 Ps4-Ps5

A Huge World to Make a Profit in Affordable Railway Empire 2 Ps4-Ps5

Big and detailed maps of Railway Empire 2 Ps4-Ps5 consist of all of the United States as well as continental Europe. These two maps are huge with many cities while other, relatively smaller, maps focus on small regions. The improved track construction system helps you build your network freely. By doing so, you help cities to grow as the economy is driven towards them thanks to you.

Railway Empire 2 Ps4-Ps5

Different Characters Create Endless Possibilities in Railway Empire 2 Ps4-Ps5

You can choose one of the six different characters to guide your railway company to success. Every single character comes with their unique strengths and weaknesses. There is a five-chapter campaign and fourteen different scenarios waiting for you to play. Moreover, you can enjoy free-play mode to enjoy easier gameplay or you can create the perfect railway network with construction mode.

If single-player is not enough for you, then you can move on to co-op multiplayer and compete against your friends. Finally, if you want to enjoy the scenery of the 1800s, you can board one of your trains and travel.

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Audio: Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish

Screen Language: Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

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