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In Railway Empire 2, you may ride the express train to fame and fortune, so get on board! Put on the hat of a savvy businessperson, acquire a modest railway firm in the early 1800s, and use your steam engines to transform the enterprise into the economy’s primary drivers of production. As you connect towns and businesses across the continent with an ever-expanding network of train lines, bridges, and tunnels, you must endeavor to build your business into the most successful railway corporation on the continent and stay one step ahead of your rivals. You have access to sixty of the most renowned locomotives ever built, and they will all be towing freight and passenger carriages as they usher in a historically significant era of the Industrial Revolution.
The maps in Railway Empire 2 are larger, more complex, and packed with more activity than ever before. Two enormous, expansive maps span the entirety of the United States of America and the continent of Europe, while other, more detailed maps concentrate their attention on certain locations across both continents. Enhanced track building makes it easier for you to concentrate on making key decisions as you steer the economy and contribute to the expansion of cities. The placement of signals is now automated, bridges can accommodate more than four tracks, and expanding railway stations can now accommodate up to eight tracks.
You get to choose the leader of your railroad firm from one of six unique people, each of them has their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Play through the campaign, which is comprised of five chapters, or select a scenario from one of the 14 available options. You may develop the ideal rail network using the building mode, or you can choose your own difficulty level in the completely customizable Free Play mode. In the cooperative multiplayer mode, you and your friends will take on the challenge of expanding your railroad empire. You could even board one of your trains and observe the landscape whizzing past outside the window of the iron horse as it travels along the rails. While you do this, you could simply relax and take in the view.

In the year 1830, at the beginning of the era of railroads, construct a magnificent railway empire from start and pick from sixty detailed, historic locomotives that you can personalize with your favorite colors and business initials.

Railway Empire 2 Ps4-Ps5 Features

• History in the making: In the year 1830, at the beginning of the age of railways, build a grand railway empire from scratch.
• A vast environment, including a huge and complex game globe that encompasses the entirety of the United States of America and Europe on a single map each, in addition to more detailed regional maps that include more than 300 settlements dispersed over the United States of America and Europe.
• Endless Possibilities: There is a five-chapter narrative that takes place in classic places of both Europe and the United States, 14 different scenarios, a free play option that can be customized to your liking, a building mode that is both soothing and fun, and a co-op multiplayer mode that allows up to four people to operate the same railway business.
• The building of improved tracks makes it simpler than ever to lay tracks thanks to automatically placed signals, bridges that can support more than four tracks, train stations that can accommodate up to eight tracks, and new train station attachments that allow you to personalise your stations. In addition, the landscape will change to accommodate the pattern of your track as it travels across hills, valleys, and plains.
• Take in the scenery as you ride along on your train and see the passing scenery from the comfort of the wagons or the front seat of the driver’s cabin of the steam engine.

Chinese, English, French (France), German, Russian, Spanish
Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English, French (France), German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Turkish

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