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Get ready to immerse yourself in the intense world of Formula 1® as F1® Manager 2023 makes its thrilling debut on PS5! This exciting new season comes packed with 23 adrenaline-fueled races, including six heart-racing F1® Sprint events. With a fleet of new cars, circuits like the iconic Las Vegas Strip Circuit, fresh-faced drivers, and a host of new challenges, the journey to build your legacy begins now.

• F1 Manager 2023 Ps5 puts you in the hot seat as you take on the challenge of managing your very own F1® team. Start your career as a Team Principal at one of the 10 F1® teams and take control of every aspect, from the factory to the garage, all the way to the starting grid. • Get ready for a broadcast-quality presentation that elevates your experience as you guide your team through practice sessions, intense qualifying rounds, and thrilling race days for each event in the season and beyond. • With detailed management systems at your disposal, you’ll have the power to make critical decisions that will shape the trajectory of your season.

F1 Manager 2023 Ps5 Features


Experience the breathtaking moments of the 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship™ like never before with the all-new Race Replay mode. Relive the most thrilling races and pivotal moments that define F1®. Starting Grid replicates the race conditions and driver starting positions of every exhilarating race from the 2023 season, while Race Moments puts you in control of a specific team during crucial moments in real races from 2023.

Feel the rush as you take charge of Aston Martin at Monaco, striving to secure Alonso’s first win of the season, or face the challenge of keeping McLaren in the points after a chaotic Australian GP. In Race Moments, every decision you make counts as you navigate those split-second defining moments.


The excitement on the track reaches new heights with finely-tuned racing simulation. Prepare for more drama, dynamic overtakes, and intense incidents that will test your skills to the max. Improved driver AI and rival team strategies will keep you on your toes during fully-realized F1® races. The enhanced tyre temperature simulation adds another layer of challenge, making every race a true test of your prowess.

Experience the action like never before with the all-new visor camera. Jump on board with any of the 20 drivers on the track and get a firsthand perspective of the thrilling Formula 1® races.


Your drivers’ emotional rollercoaster unfolds as they fight for victory. A spin, pit stop mishap, or failed overtake can shake their confidence. Assess the risks, and leverage the new Driver Tactics options to guide your drivers through the intense racing action, ensuring they emerge victorious in important battles for positions.


Get ready to compete at the highest level of motorsport with an unprecedented level of depth and detail. Aging drivers will regress over time, prompting you to scout the next generation of talent in the simulated F2™ and F3™ championships. To stay ahead of the enhanced race AI, mastering car development becomes more critical than ever. Balance performance gains against the need to replace less durable parts to stay ahead of the competition.

For a successful race weekend, consider hiring an experienced Sporting Director. Manage your pit crew’s training regime and refine their skills to avoid costly errors and win the prestigious Fastest Pit Stop award.

F1® Manager 2023 on PS5 promises an adrenaline-fueled, strategic experience like no other, as you embark on a journey to greatness in the thrilling world of Formula 1®. The race to your legacy starts now!

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