F1 Manager 2023 Ps5


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F1 Manager 2023 Ps5 is a game where you can play the role of a boss of a Formula 1 racing team. So, if you are even slightly interested in F1 races, you will be attracted to this game. In this game, you make important decisions like choosing drivers, designing cars, and planning race strategies. Your goal is to lead your team to win races and become the best in the world. This game lets you control many aspects of a racing team without needing to drive the cars yourself. It’s like being the leader who makes all the big decisions to help your team succeed.

F1 Manager 2023 Ps5: Owning an F1 Team Is Cheaper Than Ever

Create your own F1 team and manage it as you wish in F1 Manager 2023 Ps5. Every aspect of your team is completely up to you. Practice seasons, qualifying rounds and race days are presented in the most beautiful way you can imagine in F1 Manager 2023 Ps5. In F1 Manager 2023 Ps5 you are expected to:

  • Design racing cars,
  • Choose and recruit pilots,
  • Decide on winning strategies for each race.

All those features and even more are at the cheapest price available on GamesCard.Net.

Change The Fate with Replay Mode

Relive the moments of FIA F1 World Championship with F1 Manager 2023 Ps5. Take control during the most crucial moments of real races from 2023 and try to achieve what real-life managers could not.

F1 Manager 2023 Ps5

Perfect Racing Simulation on Budget

Intensity and excitement are on top level in F1 Manager 2023 Ps5. Every single race is a test for your skills and reflexes in this flawlessly made simulation. Moreover, with the improved AI, your rivals will never let you enjoy the lead easily. Also, new camera angles create an atmosphere as if you are really watching a F1 race.

Cars Cannot Drive Themselves

Having a great car is a huge plus for winning the race, but your drivers’ skills, confidence and motivation are even more important. Any mistake they make can end up with losing confidence. As the manager, it is your duty to improve their morale and give them new tactics to overcome their mistakes.

Highly Detailed Management Experience

When it comes to management games, the level of detail and depth of the game becomes very important. Once your drivers start considering retirement due to old age, you must find new talents with your scouting skills from F2 and F3. Furthermore, you must design both strong and balanced cars that will fit the tracks perfectly. You can also hire directors, create a great pit crew and even more… F1 Manager 2023 Ps5 is the most detailed F1 simulation to date.

Buy F1 Manager 2023 PS5 at the best price on the market and start managing your F1 team from A to Z. Don’t leave any aspect of your team untouched and lead them to success in time.


Voice: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish.

Screen Languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish


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