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In the official videogame of the 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship, EA SPORTS F1 23, you’ll be competing to be the last driver to apply the brakes.

The exhilarating “Braking Point” narrative mode has been updated with a new chapter that features high-speed drama and intense competition. In F1 World, you may earn prizes and improvements by competing in wheel-to-wheel races at the brand new tracks in Las Vegas and Qatar. The addition of new Red Flags brings a genuine strategic aspect to the game, while the 35% Race Distance feature brings additional action and excitement to the proceedings. Your favorite 20 drivers and 10 teams from the official Formula One roster are at your disposal as you race in upgraded 2023 vehicles. You may participate in split-screen or in the extended cross-platform multiplayer, and you can become more social with the new Racenet Leagues. My squad Career Mode allows you to build your ideal squad and strive to become the champion.

F1 23 Ps4 Features

The narrative takes place over the course of the 2022 and 2023 Formula One racing seasons and centers on the Konnersport Butler F1 Racing Team, a brand new fictitious team competing on the F1 grid. Aiden Jackson, a rising young star, and Devon Butler, a seasoned player with a brazen and arrogant attitude, are at odds with one another. Callie Mayer, Devon’s sister and the most recent winner of the F2 championship, enters the situation when one of their futures is jeopardized by a personal crisis. The narrative team decided to enlist the help of British motorsport racing driver Jamie Chadwick and SkySports F1 reporter Natalie Pinkham so that they could bring Callie’s story to life. Casper Akkerman, the principal of the team, has to handle the dynamics of both the team and the family, as well as the manipulations of Devon and Callie’s father, Davidoff Butler, who is also a prominent sponsor of the squad. The plot develops through gameplay and cinematic cutscenes, and is guided by the decisions you make throughout the experience. Your point of view shifts between different characters as the tale advances.

Complete new challenges and race in a number of different competitive Solo Series in Formula One 23. These Solo Series are meant to take you on a trip as a single player through a wide range of game modes, circuits, and other types of experiences. Learn how to dominate on a variety of courses, hone your driving abilities, investigate the F2 universe, compete in supercar invitationals, and do much more. Both solo players and multiplayer fans can participate in a variety of daily, monthly, and seasonal activities that are categorized under the umbrella term “Solo and Multiplayer Events.” Every day of the week, there is something here for everyone to participate in, whether it be a multiplayer grand prix, a celebration of race week, or a time trial challenge.

Tech Level: There is a new progression system for Tech Level, which allows you to improve your F1 World car during the season. You may earn upgrades simply by playing the game and increasing your Tech Level by completing challenges, competing online, and playing events that are updated throughout the season. Your Tech Level determines the performance of your F1 World car. Your vehicle’s performance will improve in tandem with your advancement in Tech Level, and you’ll be able to take part in increasingly difficult races as a result. You are free to participate in competitions that are higher than your current Tech Level, but be aware that the difficulty will increase accordingly. The ability of better players to surpass their car’s Tech Level is limited, though, and only exists to a certain degree.

Upgrades: As you move in F1 World, you will earn upgrades and be able to spend time in the Garage tinkering with your car in order to modify and develop it into a vehicle that is both quicker and more powerful. The upgrades that may be obtained in F1 World can be classified into two distinct groups: car parts and team member upgrades. Your vehicle’s overall performance may be improved with the use of Car Parts. The level of your Team Members may be increased through a contract system in exchange for more “equip-able” things that will further improve your performance.

Crafting: A new Crafting system has been added to F1 World, which allows you to apply Resources to Blueprints in order to construct a variety of different improvements. Additionally, you may craft contracts to equip for gameplay changes, new stickers that you can collect and add to your Compendium, and other items.

licensing System: A new licensing system has been implemented throughout F1 World, and it rewards players that drive respectfully in exchange for encouraging clean racing.

Redesigned Ranked Multiplayer F1 World unveils a redesigned ranked multiplayer mode, along with a new division-based ranking system, F1 23’s Esports series, and a new Goals system that streamlines Podium Pass advancement. Play to rack up points, climb the ranks from bronze all the way up to elite with weekly promotions, and win rewards and upgrades that may be applied to your tech level.

Compendium: As you continue through the F1 World trip, you will earn new Compendiums to mark your accomplishments. These Compendiums serve as your virtual sticker albums and celebrate everything that has to do with Formula 1, both in the past and in the present. You may win extra awards and prizes by playing the game, collecting stickers, adding them to the Compendium, and filling in graphics.

Race wheel-to-wheel with more control, accuracy, and delicacy enabled by a controller tech rewrite that gives more confidence for controller gamers in vital times. accuracy Drive Controller Technology allows for this.

Red Flags: The brand-new Red Flag feature incorporates a genuine element of strategic play throughout each and every Formula One 23 race day.

The new 35% Race Distance option enables more realistic race strategy and setup in situations where tire wear continues to be a significant concern without requiring the player to devote an excessive amount of time to each individual race.

Test your skills in the newly added Las Vegas Grand Prix and Qatar Grand Prix, both of which have been faithfully replicated in the F1 23 game. The 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix and the Qatar Grand Prix will be added to the F1 23 race schedule. Race around the Lusail International track on the suburbs of Doha, which is located in the desert, and the quick street track in Las Vegas, which is located beneath the famed lights of the Las Vegas strip.

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Chinese, Dutch, English, French (France), German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Spanish (Mexico)
Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, English, French (France), German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Spanish (Mexico)


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