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Battlefield 2042 Cross-Gen Bundle Ps4 & Ps5 Features

• Irish – Battle Hardened Legendary Skin

• Baku ACB-90 scuffle takedown blade

• “Mr Chompy” Epic Weapon Charm

• “Landfall” Player Card Background + “Old Guard” Tag

Battlefield 2042 Cross-Gen Bundle Ps4 & Ps5 is a first-individual shooter that denotes the re-visitation of the notable hard and fast fighting of the establishment. In a not so distant future world changed by jumble, adjust and defeat powerfully changing landmarks with the assistance of your crew and a state of the art arms stockpile.

With help for 128 players on PlayStation®5, and for 64 players on PlayStation®4, Battlefield™ 2042 welcomes extraordinary scale on tremendous milestones. Players will take on a few encounters involving raised forms of Conquest and Breakthrough, Battlefield™ Portal; another local area driven stage where players can make, share and find surprising fights from Battlefield’s notorious past, present and future, and Battlefield™ Hazard Zone; a strained, crew centered endurance experience where each shot, each conflict, and each choice counts.


English, French, Spanish (Latino), Portuguese


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