Anno 1800 Console Edition Ps5


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Building cities is fun, but building cities during the beginning of the Industrial Age is even more fun. That cheap yet detailed city-building game; Anno 1800 Console Edition Ps5, allows you to experience deep management strategy in your consoles. As you discover new technologies and meet new cultures, the world around you will change. Can you keep up with the speed of a rapidly changing world?

Anno 1800 CE Ps5: Affordable City-Building Experience on Consoles

Anno has always been a top-level city-building franchise. Anoo 1800 is one of the most beautiful examples of the franchise and it is available on Ps5! In Anno 1800 Console Edition Ps5, you can;

  • Create huge urban areas,
  • Establish a functional economy,
  • Try different game modes with various challenges.

Furthermore, all those features of Anno 1800 Console Edition Ps5 come at an incredibly cheap price on GamesCard.Net!

Anno 1800 Console Edition Ps5

A New Era, Bigger Cities & Lower Prices

Historically, the Industrial Age was the time when urbanization, as we understand it today, started. Capitalism was growing strong and the capital was amassing in the cities. So cities were attracting thousands of people from the rural areas. Since the Industrial Age, cities have never been the same. Anno 1800 Console Edition Ps5 puts you as a city governor at that time and expects you to show your management skills. Create a settlement that is self-sufficient and has a working economy. Trade or fight in order to dominate your land.

Constructing metropolises and having a good economy will attract enemies for sure. Defend what you have built against other players. You must always be prepared and respond rapidly in these situations.

Anno 1800 Console Edition Ps5

Different Game Modes & Unlimited Fun

Anno 1800 Console Edition Ps5 has different game modes.

  1. In sandbox mode, you can customize everything and create the city of your dreams.
  2. In the campaign, you can follow a narrative and find solutions for specific problems in each level.
  3. Multiplayer mode lets you compete against other players.

Therefore, all game modes provide enough content to keep even the most ambitious players satisfied for many hours.

Factories Without Workers Are Just Buildings

Anno 1800 Console Edition Ps5 has a new feature: workforce mechanics. In the previous games in the franchise, you were expected to search the world for fame and treasure. But Anno 1800 Ps5 adds one more parameter to the resources: Labour. Without having enough men to work in your cities, your factories will lose blood and become dysfunctional in time. This feature makes the game more realistic and challenging.

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Audio: English, French
Screen Languages: English, French, Spanish


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