A New Perspective in Survival & Crafting Games: Grounded vs. Smalland

A New Perspective in Survival & Crafting Games: Grounded vs. Smalland


Survival & Crafting games have been the most popular genre in recent years. Despite many different published games, only a few of the remained relevant to our day. Two games we have recently added to our inventory, Grounded and Smalland bring a new perspective to this popular genre. Being as small as you can.

Grounded vs. Smalland

How Similar Are Grounded And Smalland?

Both “Grounded” and “Smalland” put players in a world, where we see every day, yet give no attention. Both games take our everyday world as their playground. Therefore, they seem quite similar for gamers. So, many online players have asked what the difference was between these two games. Let’s compare them on both their similarities and differences.


  1. Miniature Perspective: In both games, players are shrunk in a size of really little insects and everything you see around becomes way bigger with this new perspective.
  2. Survival Elements: Both games want you to craft, build and survive.
  3. Environmental Hazards: Even in our normal size insects are scary. Imagine you are the same size as them. Scary isn’t it? Add dangerous weather conditions as well. You are doomed!
  4. Multiplayer Options: In both games, you are allowed to play with your friends or with complete strangers. Cooperating increases your chance to survive.


Smalland vs. Grounded


  1. Visual Style: Grounded offers a normal world where an experiment went wrong. However, Smalland is is a post-apocalyptic world. Therefore, you can expect to see some dark elements in Smalland.
  2. Story and Setting: Grounded is a game in which survival is your main focus while in Smalland you need to explore. Also, Smalland offers a bit more story elements than Grounded.
  3. Customizing the Appearence: “Smalland” has more customization options compared to Grounded. Of course, Grounded offers customization as well, but Smalland offers more options, which makes it a better game for people who are interested in changing appearance in games.
  4. Interacting with the World: Grounded is a more battle-oriented game and your main concern is survival and transforming back to your normal size. Smalland mostly focuses on interacting with the world around you. In Smalland you use the environment for your own advantage.

In summary, while both “Grounded” and “Smalland” have the same idea, they have different approaches to the genre. So, if you are enjoying more straightforward survival experience you should go for Grounded. On the other hand, if you enjoy exploration and post-apocalyptic settings you should go for Smalland. What we recommend is to buy both of them while they are offered at the best prices on GamesCard.Net! 

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