Starfield PS5 Release Rumors Debunked by Insider

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Starfield PS5 Release Rumors Debunked by Insider

Starfield is one of the most awaited games of 2022, but it seems that PlayStation fans will have to miss out on this epic adventure. A recent rumor that suggested Starfield would be coming to PS5 after its first expansion has been denied by the same insider who started it. What does this mean for the future of Xbox exclusives and good cheap PS5 games? Read on to find out.

Good Cheap PS5 Games – Starfield Rumor Origin

The start of the rumor that Starfield is coming to PS5 goes back to when XboxEra published an article about it. The article claimed that Microsoft will release some of its exclusive games on other platforms, including Sony’s console.

Starfield was the first title as the first example of this strategy, saying that it will arrive on PS5 after the release of the Shattered Space expansion, which is expected to launch later this year.

Details About the Insider

The XboxEra article gained more credibility when NateTheHate, a well-known leaker and podcaster, confirmed that he had heard the same information from his sources. He tweeted that the report was “accurate” and that the PS5 release would come after the expansion.

However, less than a week later, he changed his mind and said that he had “rechecked the info” and found out that the report was “false”. He apologized for his “lapse in judgment” and said that he would “own the mistake”.

Implications of the Starfield PS5 rumor

The Starfield PS5 rumor caused a lot of reactions from both Xbox and PlayStation fans. Some Xbox fans were angry that Microsoft would give up one of its biggest exclusives and lose its competitive edge.

On the other hand, PlayStation fans were excited that they would get to play Starfield on their preferred console and enjoy Xbox Game Pass, which may also come to PS5. Many feel unsure about Microsoft’s strategy and what it means for the future of gaming.

Official status of Starfield

As of right now, Starfield is only on Xbox and PC, and no new versions have come out so far. However, this can change at any time, and Microsoft is not sharing any details about it so far.

So, having hope to see the game come out anyway is not too unreasonable. However, the rumor does suggest that it is unlikely for now.

Good Cheap PS5 Games – Summing Up

The Starfield PS5 rumor is a good example of how the gaming industry is full of speculation and misinformation. It also shows how gamers should always be careful about what they believe. It is still possible that Microsoft could change its mind and release some of its exclusives on other platforms later. However, Starfield is not one of them, at least for now. So, you can look for good cheap PS5 games instead until we hear something new.

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