Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores Offers a New Adventure

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Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores Offers a New Adventure

Horizon Forbidden West is one of the most famous games of 2022, and it has a lot of cool features. But the adventure is not over yet, as the game has a DLC now called Burning Shores. It takes Aloy to a new region south of the Forbidden West, where she faces new dangers and mysteries. So, here’s why this DLC is a great addition to one of the best cheap PS5 games:

  • New region to explore
  • Machines and weapons
  • Skills and abilities
  • Story and characters

Cheap PS5 Games – Main Features

New Region to Explore

The DLC adds a new area to the game called Burning Shores. This is an archipelago that came from the ruins of Los Angeles, after lots of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

It is a contrast to the lush and colorful landscapes of the main game, and you see a lot of lava, smoke, and ash.

The environment is also more hostile, and Aloy faces extreme heat, toxic fumes, and unstable terrain. However, the Burning Shores also offer some stunning scenes with geysers, waterfalls, and ancient sites.

Machines and Weapons

Burning Shores also has new machines, and some are based on insects. For example, Stingspawn is a flying ant-like machine that can shoot venomous shots.

Others are based on amphibians, such as the Bilegut, a giant toad-like machine that can spit acid and leap at Aloy.

These new machines pose new challenges and require new strategies to defeat. To help Aloy, the DLC also gives her a new weapon, which we won’t spoil here, but it is very powerful and fun to use.

Skills and Abilities

Another addition to the game is the new skills and abilities that Aloy can unlock in the DLC. These skills enhance Aloy’s combat and exploration abilities and make her more versatile and effective.

For example, one of the new skills allows Aloy to perform a critical strike on a downed enemy with her grapple, which is very useful for finishing off machines quickly.

Another new skill is the Valor Surge, which is an ultimate ability that Aloy can activate to unleash a devastating move.

Story and Characters

Finally, Burning Shores has a great story and characters as well. The DLC continues Aloy’s story after the end of the main game and takes her to the Burning Shores. She needs to investigate a new threat that could endanger the world. Along the way, Aloy meets a new ally, Seyka, a warrior from the Quen tribe, who joins her on the quest. The DLC also brings a new villain, who is a twisted and charming leader of a cult.

Cheap PS5 Games – Conclusion

In conclusion, Burning Shores is a great DLC expansion to the Horizon series, and it offers a lot of fun. It is well-made and you get a lot of value and entertainment from it as a cheap PS5 games option. So, be sure to pick it up and enjoy it if you are a fan of the Horizon series.

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