Gamesharing on PS4: How to Share Your Good Cheap PS4 Games

good cheap PS4 games

Gamesharing on PS4: How to Share Your Good Cheap PS4 Games

If you’re out with family or friends who want to borrow one of the PS4 games you just downloaded. What do you do? Do you let them borrow it, or do you say no? Sharing is the best option if you don’t have any money to spend on more games. However, that can be easier said than done on PS4. Don’t worry; this guide will help you figure it out and share your good cheap PS4 games with friends and family!

What to know before game sharing on PS4

When you plan for game sharing on PS4, you give your friend or family member permission to access your library. This includes all games and content in your PlayStation Plus membership. Here’s what you should know before game sharing on PS4:

  1. You can use only game share on a console that has a PlayStation Network account.
  2. You must sign in on both consoles simultaneously to complete the process of sharing games over the internet.
  3. The person who initiates the share will be able to access any item they own: once someone has shared their library, they no longer have exclusive rights to their games, DLC or add-ons unless they repurchase it.
  4. Once you share a game, it cannot be unshared. If you want to stop sharing your games with someone, delete them as a friend or family member on PSN and then disconnect from their network. You’ll need to ensure they’re not signed into Sony Entertainment Network while you do so (or vice versa).
  5. Anytime an owner installs an update for a shared game, the other people playing that game will also get that update as long as they’re online when the owner starts installing it.
  6. Each person using these services consents to our Terms of Service Agreement by using these services

How to Set Up Gamesharing on Your PS4

Gamesharing is a new feature on the Playstation 4 that allows you to share your good cheap PS4 games with your friends and family. It’s a great way to give someone access to an awesome game you own or loan it out if you’re done playing. Set up gamesharing by following these steps:

1) Go into your Playstation settings (select Settings from the home screen).

2) Select PlayStation Network/Account Management.

3) Select Activate as Your Primary PS4 (this is important).

4) Choose to Authorize a Device or Console. You’ll need three things for this: a device ID, email address, and password.

5) Now select Add New Device or Console.

6) Enter the email address of the person you want to play games with, then enter their password.

7) Select Register a Friend and choose the console they’ll be connecting to (PS4 or PlayStation Vita).

8) Finally, enter their device ID and password and select Authorize. If all goes well, both consoles should now be registered on your account!


The PlayStation 4 has a wide variety of games, many of which are good but cheap. This is the guide if you like to share your good cheap ps4 games with friends and family.

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