Knowledge is Power: Decades is the Family Arcade Game

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Knowledge is Power: Decades is the Family Arcade Game

Most gamers love to proceed to the next best console, which is the PS5. However, others like to play the best PS4 games and revive their older console that has offered them so many experiences. That is the case with the Knowledge is Power Decades, one of the few PS4 games with parental permits for all ages.

You are in charge of a team that plays the questions and answers games. For instance, you can choose the most impressive decades of your life between the 80ies and the 2010s’ that remain memorable.

There are multiple questions in many domains, from politics to sports and movies. When you find an answer, you will proceed one step and get closer to the finish line. Let’s see some more details about this legendary game that has kept many families in the house to play without stopping.

You Can Play Using Your Smartphones

One of the innovations for the best PS4 games like this one is the complete use of smartphones. You can connect your phones to the central unit of PS4 and start viewing your questions through an application. That makes it easier for you to talk to your partner silently and pick the answer that you think is correct.

The application is easy to download for all users and makes it possible for you to think before you press the button. There is also the chance to use the D-pad controllers for this game. However, the questions and answers should be open on the screen.

Best PS4 Games Like This Offer New Questions All the Time

One of the best PS4 games, like Knowledge is Power Decades, can give you access to new questions all the time. The game has an online connection to the main Sony server. All the questions get renewed daily to ensure you have the chance to answer new questions all the time. There is virtually no chance of getting bored with this game as it will take dozens of games to find a similar question to the one you answered before.

Gamers Can Choose the Difficulty Level According to their Age

Additionally, the best PS4 games like this one can offer the option to adjust the difficulty level according to age. Kids can choose the option they like to find questions that have to do with the same decade of their birth. Otherwise, when adults play the game, they can ask for an older time to sharpen their minds.

This Game Has Perfect Sound and Image Effects for Winners

Finally, this game is one of the best PS4 games with the boldest image and sound effects. Winners can easily say there are many chances for them to brag about their accomplishments. On the other hand, there is a lot to answer, and you need to be keen on what you want to do. Focus is everything in this game.

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