Destiny 2 and Mass Effect Join Forces in a New Crossover Event

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Destiny 2 and Mass Effect Join Forces in a New Crossover Event

Destiny 2 is an epic multiplayer shooter that lets you explore the solar system and fight against alien enemies. Mass Effect is a sci-fi RPG series that lets you travel the galaxy and face alien races. What if these two games could come together in an event? Well, that is exactly what we will get next month, as Bungie and BioWare will bring Mass Effect-themed items to Destiny 2. This cheap PlayStation games title will become so much more fun!

Cheap PlayStation Games – About the Event

The event is a special and short occasion that will allow Destiny 2 players to get items inspired by the characters and items from the Mass Effect series. The event will start on February 13 and will last for a limited time.

The items will include armor sets, a finisher, an emote, a ghost shell, a ship, and a sparrow. This will make Destiny 2 so much more fun, and Mass Effect fans will love it a lot.

What Items Are Coming?

The items take on the style of Normandy, the iconic spaceship from the Mass Effect series. There are three armor sets that are like the outfits of Commander Shepard, Garrus Vakarian, and Liara T’Soni. The sets are for the Titan, Hunter, and Warlock classes in Destiny 2, respectively.

The finisher is Omni Strike, which mimics the omni-tool weapon from Mass Effect. The emote’s name is Flux Dance, which is a hint at the Flux nightclub from the series.

Enhanced Defense is a ghost shell, and it looks like the Alliance logo from Mass Effect. The ship in the set goes by Alliance Scout Frigate, and it is a lot like Normandy. Finally, the sparrow is the Alliance Drop Ship, and it is like the shuttle from Mass Effect.

Getting the Mass Effect Items

You can get the Mass Effect items in different ways, and each one depends on the item. Buy the armor sets, the finisher, and the emote from the Eververse Store, a place where you get items for real or game money.

Additionally, you can claim the ghost shell, the ship, and the sparrow for free as part of the Alliance Requisitions Bundle. This is a gift from Bungie and BioWare to celebrate this collab.

Cheap PlayStation Games – Conclusion

So, the Mass Effect event is a unique and exciting event for both Destiny 2 and the Mass Effect series. It will bring a lot of new and cool items to Destiny 2, and the players will love it for sure. The event will start on February 13 and will last for a short time, so make sure you get the items while you can. The Mass Effect crossover event is a must-see for any Destiny 2 and Mass Effect fan and will make this cheap PlayStation games title so much more fun!

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