What is Different in the F1 22 Champions as in Premium PS5 Games?

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What is Different in the F1 22 Champions as in Premium PS5 Games?

Everyone likes to play speed games using their PS5 console. PS5 games with great tradition on that field are F1 from EA Sports, produced yearly.

F1 22 is one of these PS5 games that will never let you down. You will have the chance to check the speed and the new features of every formula one car available.

Additionally, you can check the new circuits that are now present in the championship. For that reason and many others, you can choose to buy the new F1 22, which differs a lot from other previous games that handled the same topic.

It’s high time we discussed in deep the PS5 games that will compete with F1 22. Soon enough, you will realize the reasons F1 22 is a lot better than the others and deserves your attention.

F1 22 Remains Among the PS5 Games You Can Play With Pedals

Against tradition, you can play F1 22 using both the controllers and the steering wheel with brakes and speeding pedals. That is unique among all the other F1 games that used to play only with the controller.

Most of the younger users will try the controllers since they are more used to playing with them. However, if you belong to the minority of adult PS5 gamers, you will surely love the pedals.

Driving the F1 cars the exact way pilots do is the best thing you can do to entertain yourself.

Playing F1 22 Gives You Access to the Pits

Another difference between F1 22 to its predecessors is that now you can easily enter the pits. That means you can be the mechanics and engineers to ensure that everything runs smoothly at the pit stops.

On the other hand, you have more chances to talk to the pit manager and ensure that all the orders are given correctly to the pilots. It’s like managing the whole F1 team and not just driving the car!

F1 22 Is One of the PS5 Games With Endless Multiplayer Functions

Don’t forget that F1 races are the ideal games for multiple players connecting and playing. That means you can easily invite your friends to use the common server and enter the same game.

The F1 championship has a lot of circuits, and you can either compete with your friends or be on the same team. Either way, you can have a great time and become the champion after you have won most of the runs.

You Can Have All the New Pilots With F1 22

Finally, the F1 22 game gives you access to the new pilots of the famous F1 teams. No matter if you are a Ferrari or Williams lover, you can choose the latest drivers and thrive.

F1 22 gives you online access to new pilots and makes things as realistic as they can be. Winning in the PS5 games is tough but will get you closer to the Formula 1 world.

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