Madden NFL 24 Ps5


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Dive into the heart of NFL actionwith Madden NFL 24 Ps5.

Madden NFL 24 Ps5 Features

SAPIEN Technology Integration

Experience NFL like never before with the SAPIEN Technology, which amplifies player authenticity. Witness enhanced body definition and diversified athlete physiques, culminating in true-to-life player dynamics.

FieldSENSE™: Only on PS5

Elevate your gameplay with the latest FieldSENSE™ technology. Experience a heightened level of control, immersing you into a realm of unparalleled NFL realism.

Nfl 25 Ps5 Gameplay Innovations

  • AI Advancements (Exclusive to PS5): Experience a game powered by intelligent AI, ensuring fluid and genuine player reactions to your strategies.
  • Skill-Based Passing 2.0 (PS5 Exclusive): Take control with refined catching AI and brand-new throw animations, making those one-hand catches even more exhilarating.
  • Hit Everything 2.0 (Exclusive to PS5): Rely on the heightened awareness and ratings of your teammates, ensuring they’re more proactive and impactful during gameplay.

Dive into Enhanced Game Modes

  • Superstar: The League (Only on PS5): Personalize your NFL journey! From the NFL Combine determining your Draft status to various mini-games and real-time player grading, chart your path and build a legendary career.
  • Superstar Showdown (Exclusive to PS5): Showcase your skills in this fresh, vibrant setting.

Revamped Franchise Mode for PS5

Engage in innovative mini-games and training drills to boost your team’s prowess. Redefine team relocation with a smoother process, introducing new cities and jerseys. Shape the narrative of your very own NFL story.

Cross-play: A PS5 Exclusive Feature

Bridge the gap between platforms! Engage in Online Head-to-Head matchups and more, connecting with players from diverse platforms.

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Audio & Screen Language: English

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