Oxide Room 104 is the Spooky Game You Always Wanted

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Oxide Room 104 is the Spooky Game You Always Wanted

People who love to have horror games in their rooms should definitely check the games available for the new PS5 console. All the cheap PS5 games have a perfect quality that is exciting to see and tempting to play. That is the case with Oxide Room 104, which is one of the most atmospheric games you can have on the PS5 console.

Even though there are not so many effects as far as the sound and image are concerned, you can focus on the plot. Oxide Room 104 starts with you imprisoned by a monster in a forgotten motel. That is your destiny to fight against all creatures and to have faith in God to let you out of your misery. The game is spooky enough to get you in touch with criminals who have lost their minds and tend to kill you.

Cheap PS5 Games Will Pay You Back in the Future

Cheap PS5 games are always there to return your current investment in a few years. Most collectors like to buy older PS5 games that have no chance of getting a new release date from Sony.

As a result, they are ready to pay a top-dollar price to ensure they add these games to their collections. That is the case with Oxide Room 104, which is one of the few games that will get you stuck on your screen for many weeks.

Oxide Room Has to Do With a Psycho Prisoner

A psycho prisoner is the one to give Oxide Room the most disgusting view of all time. You can see the face of the prisoner and ensure you have a lot of courage to erase it from your mind. The Oxide Room belongs to the cheap PS5 games that give you an equally great time with the other games.

The only difference is that you need to have a personal touch on the game and preserve your powers for the boss fights. Passing to the next round would be more interesting and tempting.

You Need to Avoid Losing Your Mind When in the Torture Room

Most gamers of cheap PS5 games would enter the game in the infamous torture room. That will be the one to give you a hard time to listen to yourself and save him. The torture room is the one you need to pass to go to the next rounds. All you need to have is patience and the resilience to keep others close to you while you reflect all the bad energy away.

Oxide Room Has Many Monsters and Evil Creatures to Deal With

Cheap PS5 games are equally great as the expensive ones. Oxide Room gives you a plethora of creepy creatures and evil characters that you need to stop viewing the game for a couple of hours to restore your mental balance. You need to play it without your kids. Otherwise, they will have nightmares for sure.


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